Monday, August 29, 2011

"It doesn't have to be perfect, it does have to be you"

I set aside today to put my new life in order--figuring out a new schedule to use my time, adjusting my budget, and making a giant to-do list for the next several weeks. Instead, I read a bunch of marketing blogs, ate another grilled cheese sandwich with mayo, took a nap, and am now procrastinating a bit more by blogging.

When I procrastinate, it's actually somewhat productive, most of the time.
Thinking about my priorities during this new, unemployed-but-starting-an-adventure phase of my life, there are some very practical things I need to do during this time, things I want to do with this time, but also some things that fall between a need and want--like building my marketing skills and knowledge. I say it's in between because while it's not like RAWR MUST GET DONE, it would clearly be beneficial for my career and future to work on it. As such, this is another one of my current productive-procrastination techniques.

One of my favorite pieces of advice about marketing it to "be human." To me, that means being genuine, talking like people talk, and telling real stories (it also brings to mind the quote in the title of this post, from this slightly epic infographic). That's the approach I'm taking in writing this blog. Recently, I came to the harsh realization that I hadn't really written anything in a couple years, and figured a blog was a good way to start up again, and document some of my anticipated upcoming adventures while I'm at it. Part of being genuine for me is also what's led to the hodge-podge of topics I've decided to blog about. I have some insecurities about that--I know that it's much harder to build an audience when your message is so diverse, and probably some day, once I figure out what it is I like writing about most and what I write about best, I will figure out one topic. But for now, this is who I am, what I'm interested in, and what I want to tell stories about. I don't know anyone who has just one interest or one passion (and I certainly don't know anyone who's perfect), so this feels like being human.

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