Monday, May 13, 2013

One year later

The last time I posted was celebrating an anniversary, of quitting my last job and deciding to move back to California.

It seems appropriate that my return to blogging start as I celebrate another anniversary this week, my Bay Area anniversary--one year since I moved to Oakland, one year since I started my job.

I did a lot in the last year. I met people. I made awesome new friends, and connected with awesome old friends. I worked a lot and loved it. I learned how to keep my apartment clean...most of the time. I made a lot of jam. I traveled more than I expected (and made plans for even more upcoming travel). I joined a board of directors. I tried new things. I lost things and found things.

This post is mostly an "oh hey," as I get ready to start blogging again, posting things that are probably more useful and interesting than me waxing un-poetic on the last year. But it's still worth saying it's been a year I am grateful for.

So, hey there.