Saturday, March 7, 2015

Best things I read this week, March 1-7

Ya gotta read a lot if you want to write a little. Here are some of the best things I read this past week:
"This is an Essay About a Fat Woman Being Loved and Getting Laid"
by Sarah Hollowell (@sarahhollowell) on The Toast (@TheToast)

That's it for this week. That's how much I loved this essay. It's everything. When I first read this Tuesday morning, I actually felt upset that I had read it at work and not at home: I wanted to jump up, yell, exclaim, scream. I wanted to dance and shake and feel the energy this brought up within me shoot out of my finger tips embodied in sparks. 

This essay deals with fat bodies and sex; I hope neither offends you but I really don't want to hear it if it does. Sarah Hollowell speaks honestly and bravely about her body, fighting the pervasive propaganda she cites in her essay. She acknowledges her desirability. In writing and sharing this, she acknowledges mine. 

All this is to say that I can't say enough how much I loved reading this and wish everyone could and would read it too. The least I could do it give it the spotlight here that it deserves. 

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