Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best things I read this week, Jan. 18-24

Ya gotta read a lot if you want to write a little. Here are some of the best things I read this past week (not entirely intentionally an Oakland edition): 
"Meet the Radical Brownies - girl scouts for the modern age"
from Fusion (@thisisfusion)

In "The Least Segregated Cities in America," a charts and data show at how diversity and integration match up in America's biggest cities, with Oakland near the top of that list.
from Priceonomics (@priceonomics)

"Hella Oakland Mix: 77 tracks to get your psyched about Oakland Music," which is exactly what it sounds like. 
from Oakland Local (@oaklandlocal)

And for good measure and good fun, "109-Year-Old Woman Says Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Men."
from Huffington Post (@huffingtonpost)

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