Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best things I read this week, March 11-17

Ya gotta read a lot if you want to write a little. Here are some of the best things I read this past week:
"I Feared You, Cilantro, and Now I Love You Too Much"
from Gilt Taste (@GiltTaste)

"Activist and Poet Pens Ode to Warn of Perils of Climate Change"
from Treehugger (@TreeHugger)

"Changing school nutrition one carrot at a time," an interview with Chef Allison Sosna about her work with school nutrition in Washington, D.C.
from D.C. Central Kitchen (@dcck)

Adventures of a Koodie: restaurant reviews and food adventures from a 10-year-old that loves to eat and try new things. Both adorable and insightful at the same time.

Bonus: the best thing I saw this week:
Ellie Kemper (of The Office and Bridesmaids) executes several perfect dance bombs