Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's blast from the past

I don't often celebrate Valentine's day (though I am thinking about baking some Valentine's themed cookie cups, because really, why not?), so instead I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to shamelessly self-promote myself and how I fell in love (Valentine's Day pun!!) with writing.*

When I was in middle school, being on student council also meant working on the school newsletter--and being student body president meant REALLY working on the school newsletter. So, when I was looking for something to do in the big bad world of high school, I got involved with our school newspaper, Knightlife (our mascot was the Knights, so puns everywhere). By the time senior year rolled around, I was editor-in-chief, and one of the features I took over from previous editors was a Top Ten list in each issue. For February, we (predictably) published a top ten list of the best and worst about Valentine's Day. This is by no means my best example of journalism (or, uh, even an example of journalism at all), but I thought it would be a fun/funny/terrifying and seasonally relevant glimpse into my high school mind to share with you.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this eight years ago guys. I thought I was funny, I think I've improved (who am I kidding, my sense of humor is exactly the same).

Top Ten (February 2004)
By Bettina Sferrino, Knightlife Editor-in-Chief
The ten best and ten worst things about Valentine's Day.

The Best
10. Cheery little angels everywhere.
9. Having your best friend-cum-significant other as a Valentine.
8. The obvious: spending time with the one you love.
7. Getting gifts.
6. Too cute cartoon little kid valentines... you know you love them.
5. Shades of red and pink adorning everything.
4. Getting to wear tacky pins or novelty boxers you can't wear year round.
3. No couples fighting. At all.
2. Ridiculous love songs on the radio.
1. Half off chocolate on February 15th.

The Worst
10. Hideous cupids everywhere.
9. Having your best friend as a Valentine, out of self pity.
8. "Single-hood Awareness Day."
7. Blowing money on gifts.
6. Commercialism. Blech on Hallmark.
5. Seeing red.
4. Getting no Valentine Gram, nor candy, only reminded yet again of your perpetual loneliness.
3. No dramatic break-ups to gossip about.
2. Ridiculous long songs on the radio.
1. Cavities.

*Why yes, I am still looking for a job!

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