Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's try this again...

In the last two-and-a-half-months since I last updated this blog, quite a bit has happened. In addition to far more important and interesting current events, I said good-bye to friends in D.C. and moved across the country to California, where I’ve already visited my grade school, reunited with friends, celebrated my birthday with my twin sister for the first time in eight years, started personal training for the first time, agreed to finally learn to drive, and felt thankful for all of this last week for Thanksgiving.

For someone who never really anticipated returning to Los Angeles for an extended period of time (it’s been six weeks as of today), it’s definitely been an interesting and sometimes difficult transition of going back to my roots. Still, I’m thankful to have the opportunity and support to be transitioning at all, and plan on sharing more about that transition here.

On the theme of transitions, I’ve also made a decision about this blog: I’ll be transitioning cooking related posts to a separate, new blog. I’ll still likely post links to those posts here, but I’ve been thinking about it and it seems best to separate the two. So here’s where I can use your help: any suggestions for a name for a new cooking/food blog?


  1. Have you officially ruled out "butterlust?" :)

  2. Nothing has been ruled out! Unfortunately, "butterlust" is already taken on Blogger :(